Sunday, January 20, 2013

We've Moved!

In the interest of saving my sanity, I'm consolidating blogs. Sorry to disappoint you, Mental Health Professionals - but not to worry, I'm sure I'll find something else to make me crazy soon enough.

My crafts are being moved to my humor blog, Hollow Tree Ventures, in a weekly segment tentatively titled Craptacular Crafts. I apologize in advance, as I'll probably never get around to changing the name of the segment to something less stupid. Please check out the tutorials that have already migrated, then make sure to subscribe so you don't miss new ones as they reappear on the innerwebs!

Thanks so much for stopping by - I hope to see you over at the big Hollow Tree!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Costume - baby Princess Leia

Everyone thinks of their baby girl as a princess, but only on Halloween can she be Princess Leia!  Here's an adorable costume you can make yourself with very few, inexpensive supplies; believe it or not, the wig is just a pair of tights!

Here's what you need:
  • one pair of brown, opaque (thick) adult-sized tights
  • one white child-sized T-shirt
  • scissors
  • brown thread, needle

Here's what you do:
  1. Cut the toes off of the tights; one piece will be discarded, and the other will be the cap for the wig.  Make sure you make the cap piece long enough (about 5-6") that it will come down to your baby's ears when it's on her head.  If it's a little too snug, you can cut a small slit in the edge (shown in the photo above) to make it a bit bigger.
  2. Cut the legs off the tights.  These will be the "buns" on the sides of the wig.  Twist one leg into a loose rope lengthwise, then roll it into the bun shape (starting at the center of the bun).  You'll need to put a few stitches in along the way as you're rolling, to help it hold its shape.  When you get to the end of the material, turn it under a bit and stitch the end in place.  Repeat with the other leg of the tights, creating the other bun.  Here's a close-up of what they look like completed.
  1. What remains of the tights is the "control top" portion.  Cut a few inches of the waistband off to use as the belt (shown at the bottom of the photo, above).  The rest of the tights can be discarded.
  2. Loosely stitch the buns onto the sides of the cap, allowing the bottom of the buns to extend off the bottom edge of the cap a bit.  Remember the cap still needs to fit on Baby's head, so as you sew, stretch the cap in the spot where you're sewing the buns on; otherwise, the stitching will prevent the cap from stretching enough to fit on her when you're finished.
    • Tip: You might need to put the cap on Baby for reference and lightly mark where the buns will go.
  3. Cut the white T-shirt down the front, from the center of the neckline to the bottom hem.  This is Baby's Jedi robe.
  4. You're finished!  Assemble the costume - the wig on her head (bonus: the buns keep her ears warm in chilly weather!), and the T-shirt goes on like a robe with the waistband of the tights holding it closed like a belt.  I dressed my Little Leia in a white onesie and brown pants underneath the costume.
We got so many compliments on her first Halloween costume, and judging by her expression I think she knew how cute she looked!